Sports 2K75 official whitepaper, updated July 21, 2022

What is 2K75

2K75 is a Web-3 based Sport-Fi Metaverse, combined with NFTs, De-Fi and gaming platform, users stake sports matches like NBA, Soccer, Esports with our S2E gaming platform.

Why us?

Safe & Fair

Our gaming platform is decentralized, fairer and safer than traditional platform, all contracts are public, which ensures the transparency of each game, and your property will be safer than traditional platform since we use crypto currency for staking.

More variety of play

We have five categories of sports to stake, NBA, Soccer, Football, Baseball and eSports,and we have two ways to play: Sport to Earn with stable odds, and PVP mode with real time odds.

Certik Audit

Our audit report is provided by Certik, which is the most authoritative auditor.
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